Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Virtual CISO (vCISO)


Virtual CISO (vCISO)

In the current climate where security breaches are hitting the headlines on a near-daily basis, and with the requirements of GDPR, PCI, ISO and ever-increasing compliance requirements, Boards and senior management need to have assurance their organisation has mitigated its information security risks. However, having a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on staff to oversee all the requirement and keep the organisation secure can cost organisations in upwards of $250,000 per year which is far more than many small to mid-size businesses have budgeted for cybersecurity. This is in addition to the requirement by many cybersecurity and privacy regulations and certifications requiring a senior level security or privacy member.

ENSL provides vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) service to assist in developing your overall security program while developing a roadmap for implementation.

A vCISO is a managed security service for those organisations that don’t have the headroom to employ a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). A vCISO provides strategic information security leadership and guidance to an organisation in the form of a cost-effective service contract allowing your organisation to establish budgets and manage resources to successfully deploy all your cybersecurity and compliance needs from policy review to maintaining established governance for regulatory compliance.

A methodical approach

ENSL vCISO service will perform a gap analysis to understand your business, provide you practical ways to assess risk within your organisation, and through roadmap development help ensure you are meeting regulatory standards and industry best practices. The ENSL vCISO is more than an individual, but an executive-level security solution set of people, processes and technology across a global network of business and cyber security experts available to help you align both your business needs and goals.

The vCISO is a senior level executive that becomes part of your management team. We help establish and maintain organisation’s security vision, strategy, and programs.

Our service is designed to securely systematize and automate your security, compliance and overall risk efforts through methods and patented platforms exclusively available to our clients.

Security Plan, Framework, and Policy Development
Developing a robust security program
Coordinate Compliance & Governance activities
Corrective Action Plan Development and Execution
Cyber Security Awareness Training Development
Incident Response Plan Development
Business Continuity Planning
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Present the latest cyber security status to at the monthly or quarterly executive meetings and board review meetings

Benefits of working With Us

Penetration Testing provides the following benefits to your organisation:

World-class information security consultancy
Experts in regulatory compliance such as PCI, GDPR, and ISO
Specialists in customizable security assessment services for financial, industrial, and corporate environments
Fully independent and expert advice
Fully certified, including CISSP, CISM, CISA, CRISC and CCSP
Provision of vCISO solutions that fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses.