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ENSL Education

ENSL Education offers a training service that allows you to rapidly learn how to use and get the best value from ENSL solutions. Our training accelerates the knowledge transfer, supports user adoption and lowers your total cost of ownership. With a leading team of experienced instructors and subject matter experts, our mission is to deliver the best possible learning experience on Autonomous Response and Cyber security.

Cyber security compliance in Education

Another important requirement is the need to have robust procedures in place to detect and investigate personal data breaches as well as report them within 72 hours to a relevant authority and, in high-risk cases, to affected individuals.

By helping universities, colleges and schools to understand and address gaps in their cyber security as well as proactively detect and remediate threats when they occur, ENSL’s affordable managed cyber security services support swift, hassle-free compliance.

Cybersecurity Program management has become a business function with greater level of integration into other business units with a focus of communicating effectively cybersecurity issues to senior leadership in relation to underpinning overall organisations goals and objectives.

Our training programme provides:

SOC Design and Build – designing and implementing a security operating centre, including the testing and configurations of tools as well as the transition of security monitoring tools.
Protective Monitoring – log collection, aggregation and correlation by our SOC team.
Intrusion Monitoring – detecting intrusions, performing security analysis with our SOC team and arming prevention systems.
Malware Monitoring – detecting malware, analysing devices and conducting security analysis with our SOC team.
Vulnerability Monitoring – detecting vulnerable customer systems, including vulnerability scanning and regular reporting by a Service Delivery Manager.

Cloud Computing

ENSL's Cloud Computing training is designed to help businesses and individuals to improve their understanding of cloud technologies and maximise their existing cloud infrastructure.
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GDPR Awareness

Interested in GDPR Awareness training for your employees?

Our GDPR Awareness training managed service is a superb online course used to train all employees around GDPR and provide annual GDPR refresher training. Without adding to your workloads, our engaging and professional content is delivered to all your employees by our dedicated engineers. We then prompt your employees to completion and report back key evidence that your employees have been trained but most importantly understand GDPR.