Preparing for a SOC 2 Audit can be daunting

SOC 2 (System and Organisation Controls) is an Auditing Procedure that ensures service providers securely manage data, to protect the interests of the organization and the Privacy of its Client through establishment of controls around policies and procedures that meet the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) trust services criteria.

A SOC 2 assessment and continued compliance will elevate your organisation by providing your customers with assurance regarding the controls in place that protect the systems or data you have access to.

To reach certification, service organizations need to maintain the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of their systems.

SOC 2 compliance is not only good business practice to fulfill obligations and protect data but also a marketing differentiator for the services of proactive organizations.

The road to SOC Certifications

Type I

Typically, the first step organizations might take, a SOC 2 Type I report is an attestation of compliance with SOC 2 controls at a specific point in time – a snapshot.
This demonstrates that an organization has established proper security and privacy hygiene.

Type II

A SOC 2 Type II report is an attestation of compliance with SOC 2 controls over a period – at least 6 months. This demonstrates that not only has an organization established proper security and privacy hygiene, but it is also continuously maintaining it. Readiness is one of our focuses.

It is a partnership

ENSL continuously prepares organizations for their 3rd party SOC 2 audits throughout the year and help them maintain compliance moving forward.

ENSL’s GRC experts helps streamline continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking for organizations before, during, and after assessments.

Elevate your customer’s confidence with a SOC 2 report.

There are many reasons for a service organisation to obtain a SOC 2 report, the main purpose being to ensure that client data is effectively safeguarded as to provide comfort to current and future clients. Other benefits include:

Earn new clientele and retain existing clients, resulting in revenue growth.
Increased client satisfaction due to a sense of security over sensitive information.
Gain a competitive advantage against similar service organisations who have not received a SOC 2 report.