Threat Intelligence Service

Threat Intelligence Service


Threat Intelligence Service

Recognise, Contain and Action

Organizations continue to fight an asymmetric battle against cyber attackers who are constantly developing new methods to penetrate your environment. Attackers have become sophisticated, well-funded, and well-organized, and they use highly targeted techniques that leave technology-only security strategies exposed.

To stop attackers, organizations need to understand them – how they think, how they work, and what they want. However, in today’s dynamic and evolving busy IT security teams don’t have the time or resources to do threat analysis of emerging threats the risk is increased due to the high volume of logs and subsequent false positives alerts leading to wasting scarce security analysts’ time.

Cyber Threat Intelligence can alert you to emerging global threats that may affect your organisation’s operations, impact its financial performance, expose customer
data, and damage your organisation’s brand and reputation.

ENSL Threat Intelligence solution solves these problems with its powerful correlation engine. Our extensive and growing library of pre-built correlation directives continuously analyse event data to identify potential security threats in your network. The solution automatically detects and links behaviour patterns found in disparate yet related events generated across different types of assets, telling you what are the most significant threats facing your network at a particular point in time.

Our Threat Intelligence Solution

Threat Intelligence

ENSL Threat Intelligence solution leverages threat data from the world’s largest Open Threat Intelligence community—OTX. OTX provides open access to a global community of threat researchers and security professionals. It now has more than 100,000 participants in 140 countries, who contribute over 19 million threat indicators daily.

The OTX team spends countless hours analysing the different types of attacks, emerging threats, suspicious behaviour, vulnerabilities and exploits they uncover across the entire threat landscape which are integrated into the Virtual Security Operation centre for threat assessment, detection, and response.

Benefits of working with ENSL Threat Intelligence Service

Identify APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)
Proactively search through networks to detect targeted attacks often missed by existing security solutions.
Deep Expertise
Our expertise in incident response, computer forensics, cyber threat intelligence and malware analysis is able to analyse the data received on IP, URL, and Domain Reputation Data to prioritizes response efforts.
Real-Time Threats Visibility
Proactive threat hunting to identify infections, potential vulnerabilities and poor network/software configurations that can lead to compromise and misuse of assets.
Botnet Command-and-Control (C&C) Traffic Identification
Identifies compromised systems communicating with malicious actors and prevents leakage of sensitive and proprietary corporate data.
Incident Response and Investigation Guidance
We don’t just alert you to the threats within your environment but provide customised instructions on how to respond and investigate each alert.