Virtual Security Operation Centre

Virtual Security Operation Centre


Virtual Security Operation Centre (vSOC)

Many SMBs do not have the resources to staff in-house security consultants and according to the most recent industry research on Data Breach, 58% of all cyberattacks targeted small businesses. ENSL virtual security operations centre (VSOC) offers a lower cost option to counter the threat to SME than building a traditional in-house SOC which are often cost prohibitive.

ENSL vSOC allows you to easily monitor the security of your systems in real-time. This centralized command and control centre enables a better view into the security posture of your organization, and a one-stop-shop for all your security monitoring and incident response needs, not to mention that it’ll help you pass those pesky audits as well. Through the ENSL vSOC, administrators can prioritize security events by focusing on the incidents that have the most impact to your business, using the latest threat intelligence to prioritize, respond and remediate.

What Virtual Security Operation Centre (vSOC) service brings to your organisation:

Know the risk score for every user in your environment.
View user behaviour and entity analytics compiled with machine learning.
Gain full on-premise and cloud service visibility.
Achieve and maintain compliance with, GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO27001 and SOC 2
Prevent data loss by discovering compromised or malicious insiders and malware