Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability Management Service


Vulnerability Management Service

Reactive network management methods and safeguards are no longer enough to provide the level of security required by businesses in an age where thousands of vulnerabilities disclosed annually and as your business and IT infrastructure grows in volume and complexity, so does your attack surface. The Networks management system need to be part of an intelligence-led continuous monitoring capability in order to give early warnings of any potential vulnerability rather than any quarterly or adhoc audits.

ENSL’s Vulnerability Management services offers Industry Best Practice methodology designed to offload day-to-day operations to our vulnerability management experts and extend coverage across your attack surface so you can build a successful program. The identified vulnerabilities are protected against threats that could adversely affect the security of the information system or data entrusted on the information system by providing appropriate mitigations as defined by the organisations Risk profile using the Patch Management service.

ENSL’s Vulnerability Management Approach

VM Lifecycle

ENSL provides an holistic end-2-end approach to Vulnerability management based on global visibility which includes discovery and asset management as well as mitigation strategies. The discovery service continually monitors your organisation infrastructure for the presence for new applications and services and alerts you to unauthorised changes.

The ENSL vulnerability service is managed and maintained by our dedicated vulnerability management team, eliminating administration and maintenance burdens so you can better focus on protecting your assets and reducing business risk.

Key Benefits Vulnerability Management Scanning

Applying dedicated analysts as a managed service brings value to organisations by:

Ensuring continuous security of your IT infrastructure and compliance with internal policies and external regulations
Reduce operational workload
Providing continuous up to date security posture to your on-premise and cloud environments
Free up the internal security team to focus on more strategic priorities
Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements: a critical component for identifying information security risk
Safeguarding your critical data
Identify exploitable vulnerabilities: the largest knowledge base of vulnerability checks in the industry
Dedicated team of experts: virtually eliminate false positives with expert operational support
Integrated remediation workflow: automated integration with Risk Management platforms, SIEM and trouble-ticketing system