Why Choose ENSL

Why choose us

Ensuring the security posture of
organizations are up to scratch

ENSL Group Ltd is a cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) company that focus on ensuring the security posture of organizations are up to scratch. We pride ourselves in the ability to tailor our service to the specific needs of organizations – we are value driven.

15Years’ Experience in IT

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Cloud Solutions 100%
Governance, Risk & Compliance 100%
Digital Advisory 100%

How ENSL Can Help Protect Your Business

Our services are backed by advance technology that have provided immense value across a wide variety of industries for thousands of customers and successfully tackled an array of case studies.

Our GDPR compliance platform, provides a unified security monitoring and compliance management solution to simplify and accelerate GDPR compliance readiness. By integrating multiple essential security capabilities into a single platform, ENSL’s solution gives you visibility into the entire security posture of your organization whilst simplifying the compliance process.

Out of the box, our solution supports GDPR compliance readiness by helping you detect data breaches, monitor data security and document your compliance readiness. The unified platform delivers asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring, SIEM, log management and threat intelligence updates – seen from one single pane of glass. The advanced security orchestration and automated incident response capabilities help to detect and responds to incidents faster and more efficiently.

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